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tv   Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at Iowa Fundraiser  CSPAN  April 23, 2018 2:44pm-3:01pm EDT

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even a status update and change her mind and don't go ahead and type it it still collects it and analyzes those. why did you continue typing it. the deal that we think we are making is a fairly limited amount of information. the reality is and surveillance machines that collects and tracks across the web and across and buys information from third parties and collects it all together and uses that. >> watched "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> los angeles mayor addressed the red white and blue gala in davenport, iowa which has hosted every year by the scott county
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democrats. the mayor was introduced by mario rubies, a local union representative. >> good evening, democrats. my name is mario rubies and i currently serve as cochair of affirmative action and i live in the district of scott county. alternate of the scott county democrats as also vice president of the division of labor and in iowa cochair. also part of the [inaudible] committee. we, in the scott county, honor to have a progressive elected official here with us today. with deep roots in the labor movement from his grandmother as
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a member of the us cw 770 in california as a meatpacker to his grandfather at the us cw member in the barbershop. [inaudible] supporting workers and walking the picket lines with the us cw members have served three terms for the city council in los angeles currently serve in the highest office in the city of los angeles and working with the highest-ranking elected officials after california in making them stand against the white house politics and environmental regulations.
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i like to introduce a champion for democrats in the champion for labor and a champion for immigrants. the mayor, eric garcetti. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. good evening, fellow democrats. [cheering and applause] how are you feeling? thank you, thank you, thank you all for being here tonight. with the energy that is in this room and we start with our chairman, thank you for everything you are doing. he deserves another round of applause for his extraordinary work right here in the heart of this nation. you are always the mayor and to the mayor, thank you as well.
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to all the members of the scout county board, thank you for what you're doing for democrats not just here but across the country. thank you to all of this together including alicia as well. you made this one most successful red, white, blue dinners. a round of applause for everyone that's been here working tonight. [applause] to congressman, i guess you gave invitations to people from california to see how many who would come. we're excited to be a new friend and a dear friend and i know everybody in this room wants to send you to a congress when you're in the majority next year so let's get it done your mac my friends, it's great to be back here in iowa. i was last here a decade ago trudging through the snow. talking to voters saying i'm
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eric from california as the snow was up to my waist and in ways -- i was campaigning for a neighboring junior senator and i've got to say the iowa caucus in 2008 with the best political experience of my life. [applause] we missed those times right now. we miss that man, don't we? that campaign taught me like nothing comes without hard work. an old-fashioned organizer but it also showed me a lot about the state and our country. i wasn't just at geographic heart of the country or its moral center or the place where decency and hard work still mean something. i just came earlier today some where my wife family from, i visited the grave site where her
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great grandparents are and her grand uncle never made it back from world war ii. he left his life on the field of war and sacrificing for our freedoms. we spent time with a superstar and saw how the university of northern iowa is creating cutting-edge jobs in manufacturing. the right next to the john deere plant where my wife's grandfather lives and trains so he could be a factory worker. yesterday i saw that same spirit of hard work in innovation walking to the new carpenters training that was about to open in altoona. i felt that same dedication and generosity of public service and the firefighters over breakfast as they had their shifts in many women who protect us when we call 911 and shared their thoughts and shared their worries.
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workers rights, collective bargaining, about whether they would be there to make sure that when we call 911 they can answer. this morning i addressed a local activist in polk county and met the head of the iowa teachers association who is part of educating the next generation of americans and yesterday spent time with the asian latino coalition and it's cool that you can have -- [inaudible] i felt the kindness and excitement of democrats who are ready once again to win. are you ready to end? [applause] this is a year when you can take back the governor's mansion for democrats to elect a majority to the house with democrats and to make sure that you send members of congress to house of representatives that will set back to democrats with your hard work this year. but we all know that starts with
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each one of us. where did mario go? mario, thank you for the introduction. it means so much to me. as you mentioned, my grandpa and my grandmother have the same story you did. my grandfather was a dreamer before we use the term, he was one year old when his father was killed in the mexican revolution and my great-grandmother picked her up in his arms and did what mothers do, protect their young ones, and cross the border and came through texas and walk through in mexico and arizona and landed in los angeles. my grandfather love this country but he wasn't a citizen. world war ii broke out and this country he loved needed him so he volunteered to find my father and sister were two in four
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years old to go to the pacific theater not knowing whether he'd come back from the war. this country rewarded him with citizenship. my grandmother who was a meatpacker one of 18 children where my great-grandparents opened up a small shop like so many do and moved to los angeles and found each other and she saved her pennies so he could become a barber and essentially open up his own shop. today the grandson is mayor of the largest city in the largest date of this nation. [applause] we all have that story. it might be us or our parents or grandparents or great-grandparents and we might have come willingly or come in chains. our native brothers and sisters who are here before any of us all have that dream of what this
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nation should be and what we know it is in our hearts. i know i'm a long way from la but i'm here because what happened in iowa affects me in los angeles. what happens in los angeles of x you hear in iowa. in this room where one democratic family and outside these doors we are one american. unfortunately, that's not what we hear coming out of washington dc these days. in washington we have a political party in power that embodies the politics of subtraction and division. it's a party the defined success by what it can take away from america and from americans. the republican agenda is trying to take away healthcare and consumers and environmental protection and trying to take away our civil rights and voting rights in her access to college and even our freedom. when they're not focused on what they can take from us their focused on what on how they can divide us. everyone but them is responsible for what is wrong.
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immigrants, working people, the poor, even our law-enforcement officials and teachers. did you hear what the kentucky governor said today? if you didn't, let me share it with you. teachers are standing up in kentucky for their rights and for our children and he said and i quote, i guarantee that somewhere in kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted and left at home because there was no one there to watch them. the teachers were responsible for kids doing drugs, ingesting poison and being harmed today. even his fellow republicans had to condemn those words. unfortunately, in this country this has become too commonplace. indecency has become normalized and scapegoating has become acceptable. it's not who we are as americans and it certainly isn't who we are as democrats. i'm a proud democrat i think all of us in this room are americans first. america is place where we pull
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together not pull apart. it's time for leaders in iowa don't pray on her fears but for leaders who are willing to be brave enough to invest in our hopes. that is what were doing in la. in la and local communities across the country and we talk we invest in politics and modification and in la we raise the minimum wage. in la we became the largest city in america to make community college free for everyone. [applause] in the first year we did that desperate guess what? 40% increase in our public school graduates from high school who went to college. in los angeles, we went to the ballot and pass the largest info structure initiative in this nation's history. 800,000 jobs in the transportation network to fix our roads. we invest in our airports those things that america needs. bridges and water and our info
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structure is a $1.5 trillion deficit. if you turn on the tv you hear the word is we are a sharply divided america and that it's red versus blue, urban versus rural, coast versus the heartland. i reject that. for instance, we have much more in common than you might think and it's not just because we have [inaudible] parked in [inaudible]. go long beach. [applause] like iowa, my home state is an agricultural powerhouse. a manufacturing center, place were investing in bioscience and higher education and trade in food processing and the green energy jobs of the future. washington doesn't care about the price of soybeans or steel
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when they treat. families in iowa in california make their livelihood based on those prices. we grow things in buildings and we still have to do things even if washington can't. sure, we do in los angeles have more kardashians than you do but most of us are not kardashians. were mostly nurses and carpenters and firefighters in truck drivers, people who are struggling every single day trying to play by the rules to work hard and achieve the american dream. across this country we crave leadership that listens once again. anyone was an elected official those we've never won a campaign by talking but by listening. if you listen to the challenges we can hear america's challenges. we live in a world of doctor bills, student debt bills and a time when our nation's capital
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feels more distant than ever. maybe if the talking heads are right and there are two americas it's washington and the rest of us. washington where they don't pay the bills to make things work in the rest of us have to balance our books and pay the mortgage. under president trump our national debt is about to be $29 trillion and in a few years it will surpass the gross domestic product of this country. first he bankrupted his countr y and now he wants to bankrupt his country. the rest of us who don't ask for giveaways but we want the rules to be fair. that's who we are as democrats. in washington they pay lip service to coal miners and factory workers and thomas them jobs and then those of us produces jobs like here in iowa the number one win state in
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america and in los angeles the number one solar city in america with middle-class jobs for folks who might have been in legacy industries without a college degree need to get back to work tomorrow. the worst of washington is doing isn't even their division and subtraction. it's the administration and republicans in congress -- >> the senate is gaveling industry taking live to the floor. you can watch the last few minutes of the fundraiser with mayor garcetti online at c-span .org. in the senate today debate on the nomination of kyle duncan to be a judge on the fifth circuit court which covers texas, louisiana and mississippi. about to advance the nomination is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern. e senate will come to o. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. our father in heaven, you clothe yourself with light, as wi a


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